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Month: February 2022

Sorting Calves

We plan to ship a load on Wednesday, so we spent this evening sorting calves.  We do hope to raise virtuous boys and girls… Part of that is keeping their heads and hands busy with Godly things… Also, they are pretty proud to be able to feed people in America.

The A-team, including Simon and Jet sorted in the mud.
Cheer Crew🥰
Calming & Peaceful to watch the waterfowl out of the window.

Memorial/Remembrance Meal

Grandpa shared that a Vietnamese tradition was to have a memorial meal to honor the deceased 40 days after passing.  Andrew and I hosted Mom’s memorial meal.

Haymarsh’s Chef (aka Andrew) made a roasted peach, chokecherry and orange goose (Asian inspired seasonings.) He and Simon butchered the goose on Wednesday.
Simon blending the pumpkin bisque.
We started the morning with peach crepes.
My chore buddy 💙
Taste of Italy Fundraiser Meal


We got some measurable snow today.

Daddy and the four big children rounded the corner too fast for me to grab a good picture, 32 below windchill, inspite of the frigid temperatures, all the big ones wanted to go help with chores.
Back from chores!
The corn is growing!
We were able to sneak in a nice trip back to Andrew’s hometown, the children snuck in a little time to ice skate.

New Bulls

It’s that time of year…bull sales!  When fencing this summer, Andrew noticed the neighboring  herd that was next to our herd… He found out that they sold bulls, since Andrew liked the look and shape of the cattle, he picked out a bull and Grandpa was able to bid on it yesterday, Grandpa also bought one for himself.

Grandpa’s bull & Rossette.

Rosette babysitting the new bulls.

Our bull, a bit flighty … I still like the very calm British White bulls we bring in a bit more.

A beautiful view on my drive to town with the children. Andrew attended a meeting in Bismarck for professional growth. Makes my heart ❤️ happy .

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. – Attributed to Mark Twain

Beautifully stated…

Spring Fever

Our oldest had to plant corn 🌽… we’re all starting to get Spring Fever!

Finishing up feeding the heifers corn.
Feed time!
Moving the heifers to a new pasture to graze.
School Valentine’s Day dance, time for this Mom to teach her sons the Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, and we can’t forget the good ol’ polka!🕺
First calf of 2022! Matilda had a calf today!
With the spring melt, the duck pond is full… All the children were given a safety talk about thin ice and water.
Love my little chore buddies💖
My phone brought this picture up of the first year we moved in to our house… Makes me miss my mom and her playfulness and her big smile she always had around the children.
Pitting Cherries for a cherry pie.
Grandpa showing the children how to braid ropes.
Happy St. Valentine’s Day!❤️

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