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Month: January 2021


The frost is so beautiful this morning.

These two ladies are very influential on Andrew and I. The one to the right would have had a birthday today. She was a woman who preached Christ’s way always, sometimes she used words. They are sisters, the one holding our eldest is Andrew’s Grandma (this picture was taken in April 2013). When Margie was still of this world, and she and her sister would be in the kitchen they could outwork 30 year olds. Amazing, faithful, inspirational and God loving women who are not afraid to show the world their faith…I think the world hungers for more of those.

Well Read Mom

We had a wonderful evening of comradery and discussion of a classic.  So blessed to call these beautiful ladies, friends.  Wholeheartedly appreciating this book club and the wonderful husband and children that make it possible for me to host the meetings.

First Reconciliation

Our oldest received his 2nd Sacrament last night. Whenever he’s off the track to Heaven, may he run to the Loving arms of Jesus and get back on the path to our Heavenly Father.
Supper was kindly provided for the families of the students receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. God Bless the wonderful, supportive Catholic parishioners in our small rural towns.
I made fried bread tacos and elephant ears the other night, was fun to see how quickly it was eaten.
Had to make some monster cookies too😁

A friend whose brother-in-law is one of the coaches for the Kansas City Chiefs sent me the link above.

Round up day

We rounded up and headed some of the calves to the sale barn.  A beautiful day.  Now prayers for a good price…it’s helpful when Family Farm/Ranchers get a “just wage” for their year’s long work.  We had gorgeous weather, almost too hot for January…and great helpers made the day go smooth.

Last night this crew butchered 2 roosters. I think it’s fair to say my parents lived a “homestead” life, encouraging self sustainability, and tried to teach me some of those skills. Not much of it stayed in my memory, so Grandpa is trying to pass on some of that knowledge to a younger generation.

Love plant

The first floral gift that Andrew gifted me was a plant.   I jokingly called it our “love plant.” The third year I had it, I gave it a haircut that may have briefly snuffed the life out of it, then it grew again.  It made several moves in Fargo, then out west, was finally transferred to our house on a frigid January day in 2019 and today….it bloomed for the first time in 13 years!


The boys are proud of this rooster, he’s a White Faced Black Spanish.  He was the “extra” sent with the batch last summer.  They named him, Knight, I think he’s quite eye catching.

On our way home after collecting eggs. This winter has been so mild thus far. Today, I’m wondering is it January or April?

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