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Well Read Mom

With combining, summer trips, and knee surgeries only a small group were able to gather this evening.  However, this small group had interesting insights.

Well Read Mom kick off for the 2019-2020 year.


Listening to big brother read.

Always fascinating to hear young readers.
A friend sent me water beads for St. Monica’s Feast Day.
They’re growing!
The boys loved seeing this process.


We drove over to the neighbors to get a Haymarsh cookbook for a sweet lady who is turning 40 and since it’s 58° and very blustery out we had to wear our winter caps and Autumn jackets!  The Creator’s reminder that we live in the north land and winter is coming!

Ignatius is ready to face the blustery day!
Our first cabbage harvested this year!


When October arrives, by the looks of it, the boys should have homegrown pumpkins for Jack o’ Lanterns!

Proud of his work on the mother animal matching baby animal project.

Happy Sunday!

A 3rd Mass in 4 days at St. Clements.  Makes my heart sing to hear the church bells ring over Haymarsh Valley so frequently!

Helping Dad with his hobby. Making pickles!
Dill from the garden.
We went on a Sunday excursion and found tasty Chinese food in Zap, ND. We were reminiscing that we probably haven’t been to Zap since 2007!

Thank you Father Anthony!

St Clement’s had another Mass this week! My aunt’s son, Father Anthony Saiki, celebrated Mass tonight!

Mostly local Gietzen relatives attended…some local parishioners were able to attend Mass too!
Blessed to have a priest in the family!
Happy to have the porch for extra space! 27 folks ate supper at our house.

‘Tis the Season

When God’s good Earth puts forth the harvest!

I really enjoy the garden “bouquet.”
Helping Mama pick the green beans.
Taste testing.
Bell pepper.
Green tomatoes.
3 gallons of green beans, if anyone needs green beans feel free to come and pick some… I think there’s at least twice that amount out there still.
Green beans from the garden, eggplant from the garden, Salmon (not from the garden).
Our 1st grader brought this home today. His coloring makes me smile.
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