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Happy Memorial DayπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

We were able to attend a Memorial Day service this morning.
I’ve never seen a flag folding ceremony as the explanation for each fold is given, it is beautiful, I hope all are able to experience it sometime.
Grandma Mary with a grandchild and some great grandchildren. With her being the only Gold Star Mom (she lost a son in the Vietnam War, Uncle Gene was 19 years old when he gave his life for his country) left in GU and since she’s 96, it’s pretty special to have been with her today. To Grandma’s side is her baby sister, Virginia.
Daddy was finally able to spend some time in the garden.πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ. The children and I try to tend to the garden, we’re just not quite the Master Gardener like him.
Simon was able to help Aunt Anna by adding some floral beauty to the Good Shepherd statue.
The irises have opened.

Trail Drive

With our neighbors turning out their bulls, we had to move our heifers to a different pasture so that they are not exposed to the wrong bull.Β  We had five riders join us.Β  The heifers were a challenge at first, but the move ended well.

I’m impressed with how good our heifers look. We passed a herd today that still had their winter hair on, either we provide them excellent mineral or good feed or good sire genetics or a combination of all, whatever we’re doing sure makes this herd pleasing on the eyes.
The children’s favorite part of cattle drives…the picnic afterwards!
Good ol’ Don, he’s slowing down with health problems. We’re sure going to miss his help when he’s no longer able to be with us! In the meantime, we’re grateful for every chance he’s able to be present!

Quote & Ponies

Ran upon this quote today…it’s a good one!

Must be summer break, the ponies are back on the picket lines.

These two are good help in the garden.
Heading out to night chores.
Brothers bringing the ponies in to their night corral.
When the weather is nice, I really appreciate this porch.

Harrowing & Country Bouquet

Andrew finished broadcast seeding very late Tuesday night and Grandpa just finished harrowing this field today. One more field to finish up for our planting this spring. This field looks more beautiful than it ever has, it looks like a garden. We appreciate Uncle Peter coming over with his ripper disc to really work it over well.
This sweetheart brought me a little bouquet this morning gathered while he was doing chores. πŸ’πŸ’™πŸ˜‡
While Daddy was working and Grandpa was harrowing, Grandma and we went around and checked a pasture fence and put a plug in this tank and started up the solar pump. It’s wonderful when things work! We had surprise relative visitors from New Ulm, Minnesota stop by and see us.
The solar pump works! & The float will do it’s job… that’s a good thing as there’s hardly any water in the stock dam.

Memorial Day Flags & British White Bull

Grandpa and the children put in place American Flags by the veterans and KIA soldiers at St. Clements cemetery today.Β  We always say a prayer after we are finished in appreciation of their sacrifices for the USA and for the repose of their souls.

“Bravely they laid their all upon the altar,
Counting as naught the sacrifice and pain,
Theirs but to do and die without a falterβ€”
Ours to enjoy the victory and the gain.”

– Elizabeth Robbins Berry
The Unknown Dead
Our new registered British White Bull. We feel fortunate that Grandpa and Grandma are willing to run trips for us. They drove to Bison, SD for this dandy bull!
They moved their 9 “school hatched” baby chicks to the chicken coop after Daddy helped them set up the chick pen.
The first 8 rows of sweet corn has popped up…Grandpa and Simon planted some heritage pumpkin seeds in between corn that is growing.
He’s enjoys doing handstands and flips and any other “gymnastics” he can create…after an afternoon of tagging calves, pulling weeds and sweeping out the garage. Oh to have that sort of energy level!
Keeping minds sharp with some summer academic work. These rainy days we’re being blessed with, provide an opportunity for some summer school work.

Field Day

A chilly but fun wrap up of the year.Β  I mentioned to Andrew that we should have named our two oldest Swift and Fleet, they both took first in the 25 m, 50 m, 100 m and 200 m dashes.

Cheering on the big brothers.

Strawberry & 4-HπŸ€

We had another set of twins, the cow only accepted the bull calf and abandoned the heifer, the children named this one Strawberry, she joined Silver in the bottle calf pen.  The boys had 4-H demonstrations awhile back…they made the newspaper.

An Arborvitae for Mother’s Day❀️.
Smelling the tulips 🌷.
Hauling water continues until the Good Lord sends a mighty amount of rain to fill the stock dams.
My new low carb diet…why is it so easy to eat poorly and so hard to eat healthy? Yes, those would be turnips & tomatoes with cottage cheese.

These tulips bring cheer to the front yard…so nice to have them greet us.

He received this today. He really enjoys school and we feel blessed that he does.

Blooms, Chicks , & Baby Calves

The tulips are blooming!Β  With determination and consistent watering we might get some things to grow!

Grandpa got in on some tagging action.
We dropped in on Planting Days in Taylor, ND, was neat to see all of the horse teams.
Grandma Jen appeared to enjoy pedaling with the children.
Grandpa was there with a few teams and eager learners.
He renamed his butterfly flower garden, “the Blessed Virgin Mary Garden.” Hopefully some pretty flowers grow for him. Here he’s proudly holding a garden statue. I told him that the Blessed Virgin is one woman I will support him 100% on doting upon and giving many pretty flowers 😊.
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