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Preemie Calf

Our calves are supposed to come on May 15th, our first was born last Thursday. She’s a little heifer, but she’s doing well.

He did a great job presenting his 4-H demonstration.πŸ€

Below is discussion from our retired priest….

Just a bit of commentary from myself.
I believe it’s very unfortunate that girls are not taught the wonderful gifts that they are, by which new life comes into existence, fashioned in the very image and likeness of God himself. Motherhood, as a gift of tremendous power, is downplayed or totally rejected by our culture. This is to our own demise as God’s highest of creatures. Motherhood is of utmost importance as a vocation, whether it be physical or spiritual as in religious life. If girls were to understand their own dignity, I think they’d be less likely to want to be men or priests. Parents and grandparents have an important role in passing on this important truth, to our current generation of girls.


& this is from someone I truly admire….

Beautiful reflection, Fr!πŸ‘ I was just at a Sat evening Mass (out-of-state) where prom was happening, & everyone (pastor included) was honoring the prom attendees with the Mass… they were given reserved seating up front, the homily was about them & having a “safe” & fun evening, etc. Although it was nice that they found a way to encourage the young people to go to Mass to fulfill the Sun obligation, it was very saddening. I found myself sad for Jesus AND the young people – each girl in front of church being dressed (forgive my language) half-naked & there to serve as “eye candy” for the boy she was with. There was no mention of the importance of purity, modesty, chastity of the mind & heart, the dignity of each person, etc. Even moreso, it makes me angry that our young people are being LIED TO because the truth is being withheld from them. We need to pray for good shepherds who will courageously AND lovingly preach truth to the youth & their parents. πŸ™

He feeds me, hope you get fed too!πŸ™

Heads Up

If driving down County 140, word around the campfire is there’s an Electrical Engineer driving this team. (He’s rarely driven a team before.) May want to leave a wide berth if passing.

Looks like he’s making it back okay.
Must have a good instructor…it’s a fact that EE is a fast learner.


We’re about a month in on lessons, so fun so far.πŸ’–

Jacobson Grandparents brought us some rhubarb! We’re pretty sure this is the most delicious rhubarb cake we’ve had!
Sleet, Simon’s 4-H heifer. πŸ€

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