Adventures in Haymarsh

Month: April 2022

Digging Out

That Andrew, he cracks me up!  Keeping humor in times of seriousness, helps keep a person sane.  He sent me a picture of Grandpa’s milk cow.  Today we begin the process of digging out and meeting everyone’s needs.

“Matilda says, “Good Morning.”
Simon has snowshoes on, Andrew should get a pair.
Daddy got the snowplow working. He needed to fix the PTO shaft.

Chicken Coop

We had Grandpa and Grandma Jacobson come for a visit and we moved the chicken coop closer to our house.Β  We will still need to do some more work for it’s final spot, but for now we are happy with the new location.Β Β 

Thank you for the picture Grandpa.
Thank you for the picture Grandma.
This nice fellow, and a distant cousin, built us a nice table and some benches for the kitchen area.

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