Our oldest had to plant corn 🌽… we’re all starting to get Spring Fever!

Finishing up feeding the heifers corn.
Feed time!
Moving the heifers to a new pasture to graze.
School Valentine’s Day dance, time for this Mom to teach her sons the Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, and we can’t forget the good ol’ polka!🕺
First calf of 2022! Matilda had a calf today!
With the spring melt, the duck pond is full… All the children were given a safety talk about thin ice and water.
Love my little chore buddies💖
My phone brought this picture up of the first year we moved in to our house… Makes me miss my mom and her playfulness and her big smile she always had around the children.
Pitting Cherries for a cherry pie.
Grandpa showing the children how to braid ropes.
Happy St. Valentine’s Day!❤️