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Month: February 2020

Carefree 4 Year Old

On our way to gather eggs, our 4 year old spotted a snow pile…

The ditches are full of water from melting.
A little snow isn’t going to stop him from biking!
A layer of fresh snow greeted us on our noon chores walk.
Fat Tuesday blueberry pie, I hope everyone has a blessed Lent!✝️. I asked my children what I should give up for Lent and it was discussed for me to have less time on my phone. So, I will be doing a technology fast from my phone, except for necessary reasons, as part of my Lenten Observance. Hoping All have a good and Holy Lent.

Home Ownership

We were reminded that homeownership isn’t what it’s always cracked up to be. Our sump pump decided to act up…it gave us a warning before any damage was done.  Thank goodness Andrew is very capable and was able to fix it.

Dealing with plumbing, does anybody ever really want to deal with that?!
We were blessed to have three visitors show up at noon today!
Godmother and Godson!
Our big city friends made a visit.
One thing possibly unique to the country is it’s typically okay if when you’re in the area to stop in and visit!
8 weeks old!
Andrew became a Godfather to a Jacobson this past weekend! Life is so precious, and new life is so amazing. It’s always encouraging to me when parents baptize their babies!
Throwback to January 11th…will be fun to see these two cousins grow.

Calf Sale

We shipped a batch of calves this morning.  Here’s hoping the weather holds, the price is good & the buyers are generous.

The calves follow the tractor that feeds them. Andrew is on the four wheeler.
We (Ambrose, Ignatius, Mary, & I) encouraged the calves to walk straight to the corral.
Always a reflective day for me. The creator, cows, and bulls create the calves, the ranchers provide feed, supplements, and water for them & it culminates today when we ship them off to the sale barn. The cycle of life. Another crop of calves off to the sale barn to feed multiple dozens of people. A year of Blessings we are grateful for.
Sorting out the calves to sell.
Andrew & Dad loading the calves. We are generally impressed with our current bulls, not one calf got riled, not one calf kicked. I know a lot has to do with cattle handling abilities, but a lot has to do with genetics of the cattle too.
There they go. Godspeed.


Simon’s first grade teacher has her degree in art as well as elementary education. I think she does such a wonderful job with these kids!

This was brought home last week. It’s good to see the beauty of this world, there’s so much of it, if we take the time to see it!
Brought home last month. The four seasons display using a single tree is unique.
A fall scene.
6 1/2 weeks!
Morning nap time!
Zzzzzz… satisfied, comfortable, warm, and not a care in the world. Sometimes it’s good to be a Baby!

Planning the Garden

Some lettuce seed packets.
Writing down desired plants.
Everyone gets to offer an opinion since everyone will be helping prepare, plant, weed, and harvest the garden.
O Happy Day!
Pretty evening.
I thought the golden light was so pretty, those two little lights you see on top are the reflection of our house lights, my phone caused.

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