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Cleaning Corrals

I don’t think I’m the only one in this world that finds manure hauling one of the most enjoyable jobs ever!  There’s so much satisfaction in it! Number 1 you’re making the corrals cleaner for the weaning calves, so that they can remain healthy…Number 2 you get to see your work immediately.  Such a rewarding job!  Also, on a windy day like today, I sure appreciate the tractor cab.  Thanks Grandpa Bob!  I know some fellas like to say the aroma that is involved is the sweet smell of money, but I don’t think it tastes very good!

More Siding & Set for Porch Lights

We and I’m sure the Carpenters are really appreciating this upper 60 degree weather!

So does this mean we get to say that we reside in, The White House?  Tee hee.
The electricians have been out all week working like crazy!  Two of them are my age and I remember taking Senior Math with them during high school…now we’re old folks… funny how life goes.

Bunch of Nice Fellows

I hope the crew enjoys this treat we just made… we sure appreciate their work.    

I feel kind of silly calling it a ‘forever’ home because this life doesn’t last forever, however Andrew and I sure hope it’s the last house that we live in during this lifetime!
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