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Fall Cattle Drive

Once we got past the kinks in the beginning, it was a nice cattle drive.

Moving closer to home for winter.
Just crossed Highway 49.
The “A” team on their horses and Don in his side by side getting directions for the second cattle drive.
A second, shorter cattle drive, (way in the distance,) headed our way… smooth sailing.
Cattle paradise!

Second Floor

Blessed to see this process from the ground up.

West side.
Hmm…a bit muddy, tempted to mop and scrub these.
Going upstairs.
Hello Mr. Sun!
A view facing north of the second floor.  The school and the Church in the background. 
South view.
East side.


Yippee!  We won’t have to jump/climb from floor to floor.  Been a little slow updating… just trying to keep everyone’s body and soul together.

However, I bet there’s more to come on these…
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