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Corporal Work of Mercy

Whirlwind describes these last two weeks.  We hosted family in preparation for Mark’s funeral.  We planted our two fields at home.  Simon and Ambrose had their piano recital.  We had a Baby lamb (sadly the 1st one passed away) and Baby Colt.  Grandpa and Grandma Jacobson were here for the recital and helped beautify the yard.  Finally, Andrew helped prepare funeral music, he and I attended the all night Vigil and we hosted some overnight guests, then partook and participated in a beautiful funeral and burial.  Tomorrow is Sunday, I’m praying God allows us some time to put our feet up and rest.
I got to plant half a field!
Friday morning we rotated the herd for grazing.
Andrew’s and Ambrose’s pet cow.
Baby Colt!
Baby Lamb!
Final Well Read Mom group until September! “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”- RAY BRADBURY. Turn the tide 🌊. Start a book club! I definitely recommend Well Read Mom, easy to start, nice format to follow. My Sister-In-Law just shared recently that she joined a Well Read Mom bookclub! “When women read, families read, and when families read, they grow in empathy, cultural awareness, and understanding.”
Piano recital on Wednesday.
Our 7 year old.
Cattle Drive on Tuesday. Simon is helping a friend train her Welsh pony.
This is the 2nd All Night Vigil Andrew &I have attended, the 1st was my Mother’s, there’s something very moving, powerful, prayerful and holy about All Night Vigils.

Cows Came Home & Prayers πŸ™

What should have been a full and happy day ended in Family Tragedy for Grandpa Gietzen’s Family.Β  Grandma Mary had a party thrown in her honor of her 98th year and 5 of the surviving sons of the 7 who were in the military were honored with Quilts of Valor…one of the 5 was not there and many calls were made, but no one answered.Β  After the party we moved the cows home and hauled the bulls to their pasture.Β  It was during this that Grandpa received the devastating news that his brother, Uncle Mark, a pilot, had an accident and did not survive the plane crash.Β  Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him O Lord.Β  Prayers please for the repose of his soul and for comfort for Grandma and her children and many relatives.

A cousin I hadn’t seen since 2011.
Rest in peace Uncle Mark.

Comfort for Those Who Mourn

As My Mother’s birthday approaches, I found it timely to have been given this card and to be able to share it with my Dad.

T HE great and sad mistake of many people, among them even pious persons, is to imagine that those whom death has taken leave us. They do not leave us. They remain! – Where are they? In darkness? Oh, no! It is we who are in darkness. We do not see them, but they see us. Their eyes, radi- ant with glory, are fixed upon our eyes full of tears. Oh, infinite consolation! Though invisible to us, our dear dead are not absent.

I have often reflected upon the sur- est comfort for those who mourn. It is this: a firm faith in the real and continual presence of our loved ones; it is the clear and penetrating convic- tion that death has not destroyed them, nor carried them away. They are not even absent, but living near to us, transfigured: having lost in their glori- ous change no delicacy of their souls, no tenderness of their hearts, nor es- pecial preference in their affection; on the contrary, having in depth and fervor of devotion, grown larger a hundredfold. Death is for the good, a translation into light, into power, into love. Those who on earth were only ordinary Christians, become perfect; those who were beautiful become good; those who were good become sublime.

So much Beauty!

4-H Greenhouse project…the 4-H projects these members made will be sold for a benefit of a fellow 4-H individual who was in a car accident.
There’s even bouquets of newborn calves!
A few tulips have blossomed. 🌷
It was reportedly fun running in to Great Uncle Peter on the Ag. Day Field trip. He demonstrated how to shear a sheep. πŸ‘
Women in Agriculture supper.
Sweet little hands brought me a bouquet. πŸ’
We suffered our first calf loss…we always hope for 100%, and grieve with the mother cow when we lose a calf. Wise words I’ve been told that help are, “If you have livestock, you’ll have dead stock.” & “If it ever stops hurting when you lose livestock, sell them because it should hurt when you have a loss.”
Thank you Marie, this project lifted our spirits.πŸŒ·πŸ’•πŸ’
We feel so blessed that Grandpa is willing to help us out with the field work and all the fencing that this winter caused to be fixed.πŸ’™

Trailing Yearlings

Andrew and two of our children are at Minot State University accompanying for State Music competition. Grandpa was able to round up 10 riders for today’s trail drive, with that many riders the yearlings are sure on their best behavior.

& Done!
Photo credit: Tracy Hsu
Photo credit: Tracy Hsu
Photo credit: Tracy Hsu
Meanwhile at State music competition…

Crocuses & Prepping

In one of our pastures we rent, there had to be 50 crocus plants on one hilltop! Unfortunately, approximately 139 white tail and mule deer wintered in the pasture and ate the stored forage we left so we had to purchase some hay and today we prepped the area with hay for the yearlings we’re going to be moving in there soon.

Two of the Cutest farm girls this side of the Mississippi!πŸ’•

Daily Verse”The Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”–1 Samuel 16:7b

β€œSow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny. β€œ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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