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I’m starting to be convinced that children love chores. Unless our oldest is a natural self starter…he came to find me bright and early and asked if he could go take care of Skipper and help with the other chores.

Country Morning

The cold is getting old, but the jack frost is gorgeous!

Daddy’s waffles and strawberries with whipped cream! + Fresh farm eggs & organic pork sausage. Yum!!!
Top off the morning with a little piano music… pretty much a perfect morning!

Chickens & Sunshine

These chickens and roosters and especially the young boy are happy there’s sunshine today!

Soaking up the sun!
One of my favorite Bulls!
Feeding time!
My phone sometimes does “stylized” photos. I thought this one was sort of neat, so thought I’d share.

Sale Day

Hoping the markets are good and the buyers are generous.

A portion of the calves being prepared to be shipped to the sale barn.

These young boys are learning the responsibilities of having a pet.

Capturing Memories

When time allows, I enjoy journaling our journey and putting the pictures in books…maybe someday when I’m too old to do much else and possibly reposing in a nursing home (if those still exist) Andrew and I will be able to look at the books and remember these days.

A book of our journey of building our home.
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