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Birthday Boy!

Birthday Boy & his brother on Buster the good old horse.
Playing with Skipper!
First Birthday Guests arrived @ 1 am last night.
Birthday Breakfast!
Cattle driving crew.
Andrew- stockman extraordinaire!
Headed home!
Amber & Ambrose
The cows are now in cow Paradise in order to have their calves. They are very close to home.
Great Grandma time! Pretty neat to see these relatives in our home.
A Beautiful Mass! Thanks Fr. Craig!!!
Presents time!
3 Amazing Ladies. The youngest is 88!!!

Preparing St. Clement

As a family we did light cleaning and put away the crib in preparation for Mass on Saturday. God willing possibly some day preferably sooner than later local parishioners may be able to have daily access to God’s House. Prayer in ones home is important for surely, yet, I find it very special to pray in this little country parish church.

The older boys sweeping and dusting the choir loft.
Putting away the creche until Christmas returns.

Morning Stroll

The best days of living in the country are yet to come! The approach is now dry enough to bring the wagon out. It’s always been phenomenal to me how most children become happily content if they can get outside even for a short walk.

Ready for a stroll.
Saying, “Good morning” to the horses.
Religious preschool… learning the Rosary.

Blessed Brothers

These brothers best start writing thank yous! By the looks of it, they are going to have birthday weeks, not just a Birthday day!

Making birthday treats for his class. While being photo bombed by his Dad who is taking plastic off the windows.
He received the softest and cutest blanket today!
Smiles & Curiosity!
Clear windows!

Worked Heifers

Today we worked the yearling heifers and hauled them out to pasture.

Brothers observing the bovine.
Observing from a safe distance.
Andrew snapped this photo one morning a week or so back of the moon setting.
The marsh is filling up.
More water in the marsh.

Mother Nature’s Kiss

Words cannot capture the beauty of this morning! I ran over to give the chickens the chicken garbage with no jacket on, there is no breeze, all the animals are out sunning themselves and the ground is frozen. After this cold winter, this morning is such a gift! My Darling Dear detests the mud that happens in the afternoon because of the melting snow, but I keep encouraging him that a good pair of rain boots and a few sunny days is all he needs. It seems to dry so fast here compared to wetter areas, even in just this state.

Life will be less muddy for us once our yard is landscaped a bit.
48 degrees & Sun = T-shirt weather
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