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I enjoyed my first day of being a Substitute Teacher… it’s fun to get back in the classroom. I did miss spending the day with my honey bunny, children and helping with the cows. It was fun to see my Kindergartener though!

A clipping posted in school…was a fun day!

After school job

Don’t attempt without a professional horse trainer present and a helicopter mother, too!

Little Farrier trimming his ponies hooves.
Are you able to tell which one is trimmed?
A treat for the pony after the training session.


Kelvin is here to put in the culvert today.

Hauling away the concrete chunks.
He’s been standing there and watching for 20 minutes!
Making the waterway a bit deeper.
Ken, our neighbor, came with his backhoe to dig a trench.
Almost done!
Sloppy joes, chips, vegetable soup, fruit, & a cherry pie for the workers!
The 80 year old is back at it, making the waterway so the water moves through the yard more expediently than this spring.
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