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It is quite cold, but sunny! I hope Andrew and I are able to spend many years looking out of our West windows viewing our trusty steeds, the hills and the most beautiful sunsets.

Andrew’s piano nook. One of my favorite things is when he sits and plays for the boys and me.
Baby brother loves it when Big brother arrives home from school!
Heading out to gather eggs from the chicken coop.
An egg!


I keep pinching myself to see if this is for real! It truly is wonderful to be here. Grandpa and Grandma Jacobson gave us a great start making this house our home. We still have a ways to go but have a beautiful start in getting our things unpacked and in place. We celebrated Grandpa Gietzen’s 70th birthday last night with wonderful family and friends!

Enjoying his snack at the breakfast nook area.
Such soft carpet!
I can get used to this view while doing dishes! I suppose it will take about 75 years or so for Andrew and I to get our landscaping just like we want it, but it’ll come along and I’m sure we’ll enjoy it!


Relishing our first night in our home! My heart is so full of gratitude and thankfulness that I think it may burst if I were any more happy! Praise God and All His Works & Ways! I love the design and layout!!! Whoever designed this house sure put a lot of time and effort in to it!!!!😘

Move In Day Is Tomorrow! We snuck over to soak in the wonder of our home before the hustle and bustle of tomorrow!
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