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O Christmas TreeπŸŽ„

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Jacobson for your home raised Christmas πŸŽ„.
We really appreciate the extra help he is able to give.
Grandpa and Grandma got into more decorating than they expected! Their good attitudes are so appreciated. It’s nice that they’re able to spread Christmas cheer even though these are not their parishes.

Christmas program, Piano Recital, Homeward bound cattle drive, decorating church, and Parade of Lights

If we fit any more into this weekend, we might have to add another day to it. Grandpa and Grandma Jacobson blessed us with their company.

Bars and cookie platter for the piano recital, Grandpa Bob cut the bars for me .
Only 17 below this morning! The cattle drive went well, having full sunshine and a lack of wind made it bearable. Grandpa and Grandma Jacobson helped us make the drive home. Andrew had it the worst in the cold, then Tracy and her mentee, Autumn.
& they’re in!
Helping decorate St. Clements.
Following photos courtesy of Grandma Jen.

Warm weather

Today, according to the forecast, may be the last pleasant day for a while.Β  It might be sometime before the little ones & I can venture out and do the noon chores.

Grandpa’s foal named “Blue.” Simon’s almost 2 year old, Penny.
Some trouble making calves caused Andrew to have a very short lunch, here he and our 3 year old had to go and chase them back in to the electric fence.
Andrew turned on more exterior lights yesterday.
More baking.

Name’s Day!

Her birthday is so close to the Christ child’s birthday that we wanted to give her a special day in addition to her birthday, so we picked a Marian day and held a little party for her.

Her brothers and sister gave her a music box.πŸ’–
Thank you Godmother Catherine for the beautiful lamp!
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