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A Decade

10 years ago God blessed Andrew and I beyond measure! We prayed for children from day 1 of our marriage, and for a while it seemed like it wasn’t in God’s plans for us and then God gifted us a Treasure!

Always fun when a school Reading Month celebration aligns with one's birthday. 🎉📘🎂

Frosted Windowpanes 🎶

We love chores on beautiful sunny ☀️ days!
💖 Exploring Nature!💜
Andrew and I realize that these two are Princesses of The KING, but we’re very happy that they get to call us Daddy & Mommy!
Sisters, Sisters🎶
Stations of the Cross 🙏
Northern Lights on Thursday night.
Saturday chores & family time.❤️
Feeding Oats.
Beautifully written Fr. Tad!
Quote of the Day
“Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and makes us persevere in a good life. Therefore the servant of God ought always to be in good spirits.”
–St. Philip Neri

Swath Grazing

Grandpa had to clear a path for the calves to access the swaths.
Heading back for drinks.
All geared up to sell eggs once the hens lay more than 1-2 eggs a day.
Our local Deacon and his wife host a separate men’s and women’s group to couples/parishioners to help grow in their Faith. We’re blessed to have Grandpa babysit when he’s able so we can attend.
The men’s group is using a KC program for their Faith Formation.

Dear Winter…

Stop making this meme seem like reality!

With him on top, he’s above the tractor…these snowbanks are nothing to shake a stick at… thanking God for the blessing of this tractor and snowblower!
Praise Him! The county crew is out! I’m starting to call them the Snow 😇. God bless the road crews who make travel possible!

Sunday Brunch

We appreciate the road crew making it possible for us to make it to Mass.  This area has had a week+ of winter storms and blizzards, sort of makes for cabin fever and so it was very kind of our neighbor to invite us for Sunday brunch after Mass.

Moving & Beautiful!🙏

Andrew is accompanying cousin Eli and another student at solo competition today, Grandpa, the little Children and I are digging out hay and feeding livestock.


Grandpa and I fed ahead yesterday, thank God he’s healing well from his first knee surgery… Andrew, being an excellent farm manager, helps us devise plans for each storm (he watches different weather forecasts.)  Today we’ve been digging out from yesterday’s blizzard, we’re due for another blizzard this afternoon until late tonight or tomorrow afternoon.  On the bright side, this should fill the empty stockdams.  Gotta be positive!

Simon (in the foreground) bedding his sheep 🐑… Likely the best cared for sheep in the tri-State area. During storms he beds his sheep with straw every day. Andrew blowing snow to reopen trails.
Likely many of you have received your overdue card from us…we just couldn’t let our 15 year streak go…🤓! It was a walk down memory lane for me looking back on the 15 pictures…what does God have planned for us in the next 15 years? God’s Will be done!🙏

Quote of the Day”When an evil thought is presented to the mind, we must immediately endeavor to turn our thoughts to God, or to something which is indifferent. But the first rule is, instantly to invoke the names of Jesus and Mary and to continue to invoke them until the temptation ceases. He who trusts in himself is lost. He who trusts in God can do all things.”–St. Alphonsus Liguori

Today’s Meditation:“Temptation to a certain sin, to any sin whatsoever, might last throughout our whole life, yet it can never make us displeasing to God’s Majesty provided we do not take pleasure in it and give consent to it. You must have great courage in the midst of temptation. Never think yourself overcome as long as they are displeasing to you, keeping clearly in mind the difference between feeling temptation and consenting to it.”—St. Francis de Sales, p.158

My brother shared the above link with me, so I thought I would share with you.

Chore Date 🌹

We’re so blessed that Grandpa is willing and happy to babysit for us.  Andrew and I were discussing this winter, wondering how it rates to others… apparently up to this point, it’s the snowiest in this area.

Patiently waiting for us to blow snow and bring feed.
We used to have a chore team, Rocky and Shorty…now I think quite fondly of good ol’ John Deere… wouldn’t be able to do this work without the snowblower and this little tractor.
❤️ Pretty special being able to work with one’s best friend.❤️
My little dish dryer helper.
Daddy’s chore buddies.💛
Prepping for the blizzard that’s due to start this (Friday) afternoon, this year everyone is helping with snow removal.

The GOOD Stuff
Quote of the Day:
“Happiness can only be achieved by looking inward and learning to enjoy whatever life has, and this requires transforming greed into gratitude.”
–St. John Chrysostom
Today’s Meditation:
“Now, man is afraid of death by nature, afraid of the decay of the body. But here is a really startling fact: whoever has put on the faith of the Cross despises even what is naturally dreadful, and for Christ’s sake is not afraid of death. So if anyone is skeptical even now, after so many proofs, and after so many have become martyrs to Christ, and after those who are champions in Christ have shown scorn for death every day—if his mind is still doubtful about whether death has been brought to nothing and come to an end—well, he’s right to wonder at such a great thing. But he should not be stubborn in his skepticism, or cynical in the face of what is so obvious. Let him who is skeptical about the victory over death receive the faith of Christ, and come over to his teaching. Then he will see how weak death is, and the triumph over it. Many who used to be skeptics and scoffers have later believed, and despised death even enough to become martyrs for Christ himself.”
—St. Athanasius, p.15 (A Year with the Church Fathers)
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