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Round 1 of Weaning & Cold Cattle Move

It says it’s 37° but that cold blustery wind sure made the cattle drive a long one! All’s well that ends well!

Gathering the small herd to wean.
A serious little boy.
Ready to move the big herd.
Here they come!
Getting closer!
Making the turn for their new Fall pasture.
Almost done.
Mr. Bulldozer politely waited for us to finish.
Another round of saucing tomatoes. Our friend, Tracy was able to eat supper with us after the cattle drive.
Cousins came for supper!
Practicing for Adam & Lateasha’s wedding.
It’s neat to have our own little “concert!”

Hay Hauling, Cattle Moving, & Well Read Mom

We’ve been meeting ourselves coming and going, I suppose it should be expected during an Autumn like this one. Crunch time while the weather permits!

The herd has been gathered.
Cattle in the new fall pasture.
Windtower crew is working 24/7 to finish before winter…two windtowers overlook Haymarsh.
Using a crane to put on the blades.
Garden potatoes…yum!
Grandma Mary’s sister and some of her family came for a visit the night of Well Read Mom book group.
Mom & Ricki (Great Aunt Neva’s granddaughter)
Discussing our book for Well Read Mom.
Most well attended Well Read Mom group yet!
Enjoying gymnastics!
Hay Hauling Crew.
Harvest Chex Mix for the school party!
Fun school party!
Slept through most of the party.
Learning how to dunk a basketball with the high schoolers.
It was warm today, 64 F at one point when I looked, so we made the most of it and stayed outside until dark.
Made a visit to the Good Shepherd statue, the weather was beautiful tonight.

12 Years

12 years ago today I began an incredible journey with a best friend, I pray as the marriage blessing goes, we are blessed to know our “Children’s Children.” God willing even our Children’s, Children, Children!  An interesting sidenote…my Godparents Ted & Ella were also married on October 20th.  As well as my Confirmation Sponsor and her husband, Anna & Jay!  I said a prayer today for All of You who encouraged, supported, and Blessed us on our Wedding Day!  So Many good folks to thank!  Some have passed on to the Other Side of this Life, Others are Still Here Encouraging Us To Sainthood.

God has Blessed us very much these last twelve years & He’s given us the strength to get through the challenging times!

The Best

Sometimes a woman has to admit when she has the best husband. I will admit that today! Next to St. Joseph, I married the most wonderful man.  When I looked out the window after the school bus left, I saw this…

Happy October!
🌞 on our Home Sweet Home! Praise the Lord!
I was explaining to Andrew that I would need the tractor for the 50 to 100 lb pumpkins and here he even got some cornstalks for me by 7:45 this morning!
Simon is in school, I’m a little sad he’s not in this picture since he’s the one who planted the pumpkins.
One of those “stylized” photos my phone makes.


What does a married couple do at 9:30 pm on a Monday night?  Make salsa, of course.

Specialized onion glasses: highly recommended if you don’t like tears from chopping onions.
Bell peppers.
Saying good night a bit before 8 pm.
Creative child, making a diorama.

Plans Change

We had it planned on the calendar to wean one of the herds today.  Due to the snow and unfrozen mud…plans changed.

Duet after pony training session.
Saddling in the muck.
Such a good Daddy!
Daddy bear and Baby bear.
Homeward bound…what a good, big brother!
Good day to can peppers.
Peter Piper sliced a peck of pickled peppers and his three sons watched.🌶️🥵🔥
This afternoon’s work.
Goodnight Sun!


I am choosing to be optimistic.  I put on the Fall Leaves tablecloth and the sun is out, even though it’s mighty windy out.  I feel for the livestock, especially for those in areas getting the worst of this storm.  

Optimistic that Fall will return.
The 🌞 is out & the snow is beginning to melt.
Tonight’s sunset.

Snow much Fun!

We’re making lemonade of lemons.

???? What????
Mailing a letter.
Snow covered pumpkins.
Grandma’s marigolds.
Picking onions and carrots for today’s lunch… chicken noodle soup. This snow just seems unseasonable.
Heading out to the snow.
Building a snowman with Skipper after school.⛄

Winter Wonderland

We woke up to a world of white this morning.

This is “round 1” of the snow.
Skipper waiting for Andrew & Ambrose.
Heading out to morning chores before the sun is up.
Bundled & ready to face the day… little brother will stay in a while with me.
Contrary to most adults, he’s excited for the snow.
Didn’t get the plastic on the porch yet
Abominable Farm Boy⛄🥶🏔️
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