Adventures in Haymarsh

Unthawing a Fountain ⛲

There is a fountain that we have, I believe it was installed in the early 90’s, it’s supposed to have a minimum of 50 cattle on it to keep it from freezing up, but right now there’s only Grandpa’s and our horses on it, well, it froze up good.  It causes much inconvenience when it is not working… Even though it has a heater.  So today with this heavenly weather we are working on unthawing it.  Andrew and Simon added heat tape to make it less likely to freeze up again.

Grandpa’s horse, Captain.
Sunday was 40 above, so Grandpa used a team and gathered firewood, it was nice to see a team in use again.
Admiring the team of horses.
Our horse, Buster.
Daddy heading back for more boiling water.
Gathering eggs.
Loving this glorious weather!
A Rhode Island Red hen with a couple of Barred Rock hens in the background.
A Handsome Hunk & Ginger.
Mid grilling Andrew had to go change out a fuse for a well, so I was asked to tend to the grilling. If I could capture the smell so you could smell this aroma, I think your mouth would be watering.


  1. chuck and mila

    That warming spell brought alot of work for Andrew, oh well spring is around the corner, we hope ???

    • Monica Jacobson

      We’re definitely thankful for the warmer temperatures forecasted for the next week. How are you and Mila holding up? Certainly been thinking of all Texans with the news coming from there.

      • chuck and mila

        We were without power for over 3 days, today temps were back in the 60’s. All and all the Lord spared us from the much worse weather they had north of us on the coast. As you,,,, we are waiting on spring.

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