Adventures in Haymarsh

Snow, Snow, Snow❄️

This is the third snow day and by the sound of it, looks like it will continue tomorrow.

Daddy and Iggy went to get a tree on Monday, it was the nicest tree on the lot (the last one), and the seller told Andrew he just couldn’t charge him. It’s a scraggly tree, but the children still enjoyed decorating O’ Tannenbaum🎶.

Ready to make cut out cookies!


  1. Jen

    The kids will make Gods wonderful tree very beautiful! God knew you needed a bit of extra room in your living room with your big bunch of people coming to celebrate Christmas! All looks so joyful and beautifully fun!!

    • Monica Jacobson

      🎄❄️🎶Thank you.🎶❄️🎄

  2. Sarah Cabler

    I LOVE the tree! And the goodies turned out so good.

    • Monica Jacobson

      Thank you dear friend ❤️ If you and John are in the area over Christmas, swing in, would be great to catch up!

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