Adventures in Haymarsh

Days 1 – 4

Morning of Day 4.
Approximate 7 foot bank.
Grandpa & Daddy starting the great “dig out.” The boys headed out to chores… everyone goes in pairs because it’s easy to get bogged down in this deep snow.
& just like that the sun popped out and Mother Nature is pretending like nothing happened. Nice try Mother Nature, but we do appreciate the break in snow and wind, as do the livestock! Continuing to praise God for technology and tractors with cabs and snowblowers!!!


  1. Bob

    Lucky that the garage door opens in

    • Monica Jacobson

      Last year Grandpa was telling us that there was a time when it wasn’t always code to have doors swing to the inside and families perished in times past because of these great Midwest blizzards. Makes one ponder on the hardships of our ancestors and the tribulations they endured for us.

      • Sarah Cabler

        So interesting wow!

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