Adventures in Haymarsh

Om pa pa 🪗

There’s an accordion in the house!  A yearish ago my beloved mentioned to me that he would like an accordion.  I figured that’s a great birthday present.  Grandpa started looking locally, but no one wanted to part with theirs, so I had to look clear across the nation to find one.  If you visit, bring your dancing shoes!  

Chores with my favorite human being!❤️
Thick frost!


  1. Jen

    Wow! Certainly a wonderful gift! I am so excited and cannot wait to hear a few tunes in February!! ❤️

  2. Monica Jacobson

    Should be fun to have around! 🪗

  3. Sarah cabler

    Haa! I bought John a harmonica for Christmas. Maybe we can start a band 😄

    • Monica Jacobson

      Wish you lived closer! A band would be fun!

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