Adventures in Haymarsh

Lucky & Speckles

& Just like that farm life has gotten busy! Due to a neighbor’s bull jumping two fences last spring, our heifers have started calving one month earlier than expected!  Never a dull moment out here!!!

Meet Lucky! Grandpa’s first heifer calf of the year. Sadly, Lucky’s mother passed away from a uterine prolapse… Likely because the bull was not a heifer bull 😞. But Lucky survived and boy is she a cutie!
This is Speckles and his mother! This pair is also Grandpa’s, she slipped on the ice last week and injured herself so now we have to lift her twice a day with the tractor using the hip hugger cow lift… Makes the day very full! Speckles was born on Thursday night. Since then, four more healthy calves and mothers are in the pasture!
This flock of chickens just goes crazy happy when I bring the kitchen garbage out to them, they are so fun to watch! Friendly hensπŸ”
Simon is busy keeping up with his first grade homeschool work and his brothers love being involved when he reads to them.
This sweetheart who just arose from a nap in this picture, decided to roll from side to side this week! She also turned 3 months old on March 26th!!!❀️
He’s so proud of the tower he helped build!
She joins us at meals in the high chair now. She doesn’t eat the food, but she’s so happy to sit with the crew.😊
With the fluctuating markets these days, his egg business is thriving!
Since Andrew and I are out here full-time now, we are figuring out our system. Last year we really appreciated having the heifers worked and out of the way before we brought the large herd of bred cows home to calve out. So, we worked heifers and moved them out to pasture on Saturday.
We’re going against the popular grain and raising some British White cattle, rather than Black Angus. We kept some steers in hopes that we get a better price for them this fall.
Andrew and Grandpa in the background working on a heifer.
3 Little Ranchers!
He helped out by eating a good portion of the lunch before lunch time!πŸ˜‚ Got to love those toddlers!
Earned the best cheerleader award today! With three older brothers, she’s bound to wear boy clothes & that she did today πŸ’™
God Blessed Us With These Amazing & Wonderful Boys! Grandma’s too hoity toity to use nature’s bathroom, so they walked her back to her house.
Blue skies, smiling at me…🎢
Started rounding up heifers at 9 am, and turned the heifers out in their new pasture at 7 pm…now back to night chores and then lifting Speckles’ mother.
There they go! Thank you God for another safe and happy day!πŸ’›
Feeding the herd this afternoon.
The seedlings are growing!
Friday evening was a gorgeous evening so we went out for a family walk. πŸ’ Treasuring these days of having young children and being able to spend so much time with them.πŸ’–
With Holy Week coming up in a couple of weeks, I found some of these ideas to be something I may try this year. So, I thought I would share this and the next sheet, in case you find something you would want to try too. God bless and keep you all! Have an inspirational 5th week of Lent!

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  1. chuck and mila

    Not long now, the springs green will be back,, my favorite time of the year.

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