Hope everyone’s Lent is going well.  Today is windy!🌬️. But it appears Spring has Sprung weather wise in Haymarsh Valley with mild temperatures… will be interesting to see if March has come in like a lamb or lion?

Sunday Sunrise.
We worked our two yearling bulls yesterday, one was a bit nervous and testy so we’ll see if he sticks around or we choose to ship him. We prefer calm, quiet cattle.
Saw this cool list at Stations of the Cross on Friday…it’s a list for 8th graders, but I thought they’re also great ideas for Lent.
Our Parish set out new prayers in the pews for Lent.
Sister & Brother
I rounded the corner to see the big brothers talking to little sister this past Thursday.
He earned first place in a coloring contest and was awarded a certificate and prize money. Will art play a part in his future career?

📝I hope to blog a little each Sunday during Lent, have a wonderful second week of Lent!🛐