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Gentle Soul

I just attended a funeral for a very gentle soul. He was a bulldoggin’ cowboy who outworked Andrew and I the last time we worked calves. It was a beautiful Catholic funeral and I pray he is basking in Christ’s Glory.Β  If I pass away in the winter I hope the day is as beautiful as today. As I left the farm it seemed as if I was in a storybook, the Frost was so thick and as the sun touched it, it looked like the world was covered in diamonds.

Eternal rest Grant unto him oh Lord, and may Christ’s perpetual light shine upon him.
Francis, you’ll be one of those heavenly riders I call upon when the cattle are misbehaving, or when we need to load up a bull, or treat a sick cow.


  1. Bob

    Don’t think I ever met him but he was like some of other ND cowboys I have met he was probably a man that you would be proud to call him a friend

  2. Monica Jacobson

    I think you would have liked him Bob. Francis had a tough last four years with Alzheimer’s, his wife said she had no tears for the funeral, she did all of her grieving these last 4 years. I wonder at times why God allows dementia and Alzheimer’s, I wonder if part of it is because it allows the family to say goodbye over an extended period of time, and when the person does pass on to the next life, the family is able to see them as being freed from their cross.

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