Every year I hope for a 100% calf crop.  On Monday we lost our first calf.  It’s hard to start the year that way.  My heart hurts for the mother.  I’ve been told three things, “Once it stops hurting to lose a calf, get out of the livestock business.” A neighbor told me, “if you’re going to have livestock, you’re going to have dead stock.” Our 4 year old asked if the calf can come back to life?  I had to explain that death is final.  It was a tough day for the family, we grieved.  The last rancher I talked to was on Friday, he asked how everything was going and I told him about our loss and he said, “well you can only go up from here!” I appreciate optimism.

This was found as my Dad is cleaning old boxes, I thought there were some good ones.
We enjoyed a pie on pi day!
She tries to sit herself up when we lay her in her swing bed, so she’s enjoying the bumbo.
I love reading to this crew!
Planting garden seeds.
She is such a lovely addition 💗
Library storytime project.
Helping me clean the garage.
Explaining to me how a combine works.
Grandpa gave my arms a rest, it’s good to have help when making Sunday brunch.
Such a good big brother.
Won a cake at a cake walk last Sunday.
Brothers 💙
Two Wednesdays ago this kind lady came and helped me with a sewing project. She’s such a talented seamstress! In her life, she’s made 4 wedding dresses…her daughter’s, two sisters, and her own.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone on March 17th, I hope everyone is happy & healthy!