Adventures in Haymarsh

Buttercup Squash Anyone?

I am pretty proud of this little fellow! Without any prompting from his mother or father he harvested all of the buttercup squash and pumpkins and then donated some of them to the food pantry in Glen Ullin. I think if he continues on this trail, wherever he settles in life, that area will be lucky to have him.
Do not try this at home, be sure to have professional help available.
I asked him what sort of brake system he had available since he wasn’t using shafts, the reply was, well Dad was there. I asked the Dad, what his plan was if the pony started bucking or if the wagon rolled into the pony, his reply is, “well it did happen.” 🤦. We’ve got lots of learning to do in the horse training business. We also need to get a pony cart or wagon or sleigh. Would be a good idea for Grandpa to give us some driving lessons if we’re going to go into the driving business.


  1. Jen

    Glad to see that Simon is creative! It’s just a small wagon and look at all the wisdom he gained!

  2. Bob

    I have been replaced by Rocket. Simon usually had me carry the buckets. He he

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