Keeping the cattle happy, the chicken’s laying eggs, and all of the outdoor beings as cozy as possible proves to be a challenge in these frigid temperatures.

The children and I went to check the water for the cattle on Monday, it was frozen over, Andrew has figured out how to get it thawed out and going again. The tank heater kept tripping the power source.
Church Christmas program.
My uncle signed our family up to receive a catalog for these courses…I signed up for a course.
Thank you so much for the kind words in the Christmas cards, it’s rewarding to hear that many of you enjoy keeping up on the blog, and find it entertaining, sometimes even educational… I promised the children I would be on my smartphone less this year which means I probably won’t be updating it as frequently as I had been, but I do think they’ll be fine with a “weeklyish” update.
Happy Baptism of Our Lord ❀️