Growing up, my family had a horse who became like a family member.  Andrew got to know him a little and our children have heard of him.  In those days, we didn’t have our front wheel assist John Deere loader tractor so Rocky was counted on every day to help feed the livestock.  My Dad just swung in with this old article he came upon…so I thought I’d share some history.

The article my Dad dropped off.
Rocky is pictured above with my cousin Adam. The bottom horse was my Dad’s saddle/ranch horse.
Andrew took this picture back in 2006 I believe.
Another picture taken by Andrew, we used to feed the heifers and cows with something called a pick-and-roll. We would pick up a bale, drive it to where it needed to be, and roll it out.
Andrew on Rocky, Monica on Shorty after raking hay in the field, July 2006.
May 5, 2009, is the date on this picture. Rocky with a “student” horse, named Sunny.
Spring planting days at Taylor, no date on the picture, but it was the later years of Shorty’s life, his last year on the farm was 2016.