Whirlwind describes these last two weeks.  We hosted family in preparation for Mark’s funeral.  We planted our two fields at home.  Simon and Ambrose had their piano recital.  We had a Baby lamb (sadly the 1st one passed away) and Baby Colt.  Grandpa and Grandma Jacobson were here for the recital and helped beautify the yard.  Finally, Andrew helped prepare funeral music, he and I attended the all night Vigil and we hosted some overnight guests, then partook and participated in a beautiful funeral and burial.  Tomorrow is Sunday, I’m praying God allows us some time to put our feet up and rest.

I got to plant half a field!
Friday morning we rotated the herd for grazing.
Andrew’s and Ambrose’s pet cow.
Baby Colt!
Baby Lamb!
Final Well Read Mom group until September! “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”- RAY BRADBURY. Turn the tide 🌊. Start a book club! I definitely recommend Well Read Mom, easy to start, nice format to follow. My Sister-In-Law just shared recently that she joined a Well Read Mom bookclub!
https://wellreadmom.com/ “When women read, families read, and when families read, they grow in empathy, cultural awareness, and understanding.”
Piano recital on Wednesday.
Our 7 year old.
Cattle Drive on Tuesday. Simon is helping a friend train her Welsh pony.
This is the 2nd All Night Vigil Andrew &I have attended, the 1st was my Mother’s, there’s something very moving, powerful, prayerful and holy about All Night Vigils.