Adventures in Haymarsh

So much Beauty!

4-H Greenhouse project…the 4-H projects these members made will be sold for a benefit of a fellow 4-H individual who was in a car accident.
There’s even bouquets of newborn calves!
A few tulips have blossomed. 🌷
It was reportedly fun running in to Great Uncle Peter on the Ag. Day Field trip. He demonstrated how to shear a sheep. 🐑
Women in Agriculture supper.
Sweet little hands brought me a bouquet. 💐
We suffered our first calf loss…we always hope for 100%, and grieve with the mother cow when we lose a calf. Wise words I’ve been told that help are, “If you have livestock, you’ll have dead stock.” & “If it ever stops hurting when you lose livestock, sell them because it should hurt when you have a loss.”
Thank you Marie, this project lifted our spirits.🌷💕💐
We feel so blessed that Grandpa is willing to help us out with the field work and all the fencing that this winter caused to be fixed.💙

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  1. chuck and mila

    The April snow and showers,,, brought some beautiful May Flowers.

    Looks like more that 1 sheep was spring sheered.

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