We shipped a batch of calves this morning.  Here’s hoping the weather holds, the price is good & the buyers are generous.

The calves follow the tractor that feeds them. Andrew is on the four wheeler.
We (Ambrose, Ignatius, Mary, & I) encouraged the calves to walk straight to the corral.
Always a reflective day for me. The creator, cows, and bulls create the calves, the ranchers provide feed, supplements, and water for them & it culminates today when we ship them off to the sale barn. The cycle of life. Another crop of calves off to the sale barn to feed multiple dozens of people. A year of Blessings we are grateful for.
Sorting out the calves to sell.
Andrew & Dad loading the calves. We are generally impressed with our current bulls, not one calf got riled, not one calf kicked. I know a lot has to do with cattle handling abilities, but a lot has to do with genetics of the cattle too.
There they go. Godspeed.