It was a cool 40-degree morning, with wind, but Chelsey, Tracy, Glen, and Richard, showed up to help us wean the first batch.  Curt, Don, and Grandpa and Grandma hauled the calves.

Here they come!
I’m really counting on the 70 and 80 year olds that are helping us out to live until they’re about a 150 or so, there just aren’t people in the country coming to fill their shoes… & I kind of need them to be around until I want to retire.
Big, black baldy decided to come say hi.
The “A” Team.
Sleeping on the job 😴
Weanlings are penned and being loaded on to the truck… Cousin Richard is so calm and quiet around the cattle… the cattle seem to really like him.
I’m always a bit surprised when I bump into people from Andrew’s hometown, when they are surprised that Andrew works with cattle, he may have been a bit timid the first few times he was around cattle, now it’s kind of his second nature… Makes me wonder… do you think the Vikings that raided villages & sailed the seas were actually Cowboys? 😉 If any of you are looking for good reading material for this winter, I recommend “Letters of a Woman Homesteader” by Eleanor Pruitt Stewart, an excellent book about a woman who marries a Norwegian rancher.
Lunch time 😋
A successful day!
We’ve got a healthy challenge of hauling water to the cattle in November and December in North Dakota. Mister engineer/problem solver thinks he has a solution to help out for this year. Hoping and praying for adequate moisture this coming year to solve our “lack of water” problems.
Covering the strawberries.