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We lost Skipper today in an accident.  Poor Simon just sobbed.  My heart just hurts for him…I thought Skipper would be seeing him off to college like my Bonnie sent me off. Andrew, just this morning, told me how he finally felt like he and Skipper were able to communicate well and he was telling me about how Skipper was showing good cow sense during morning chores.  If you have a little room in your prayers please say some prayers for little Simon and our family.  Today we lost our companion, guard, and friend.  

Laying Skipper to rest.


  1. chuck and mila

    So sorry to hear, our little Pom will be gone 4 years next month and we still haven’t got a accustomed to her absence.

    The innocence of Simon and Skipper are part of the Soul, and will reign forever.

  2. Monica Jacobson

    I will pass on your message to Simon. This life can be so sad. You’re right that memories and moments will go forever.

  3. Bob

    It’s hard to lose a friend. We will pray a lot extra for you.

    Love you

  4. Grandma Jen

    So sad to hear of Simon’s sad day! One of life’s really hard times! So wishing I could be there for hugs! Be sure and give him lots for me!! Love to all! ❤️

  5. Monica Jacobson

    Thank you Grandma and Grandpa. I will be sure to read your comments to him when he gets home from school. I will give him lots of hugs for you Grandma. I was wondering how he was going to be this morning, he was okay, I think the new school year was distracting him. I’m sure however, the grieving will start again when he doesn’t get his usual Skipper greeting off the bus.

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