Adventures in Haymarsh

Sunday Brunch

We appreciate the road crew making it possible for us to make it to Mass.  This area has had a week+ of winter storms and blizzards, sort of makes for cabin fever and so it was very kind of our neighbor to invite us for Sunday brunch after Mass.

Moving & Beautiful!🙏

Andrew is accompanying cousin Eli and another student at solo competition today, Grandpa, the little Children and I are digging out hay and feeding livestock.


  1. Jen

    Holy Moly! It is getting awfully deep getting from the house to the chicken coop!! Snow looks deeper than the girls height! Don’t get stuck in the snow, girls!! ❤️

    • Monica Jacobson

      March has certainly come in like a lion 🦁!🌨️🥶❄️

  2. chuck and mila

    After changing the clocks and time pieces Saturday eve,, won’t be long now, all that white will turn to green.

    The Nieces and Nephews seem to be enjoying the Lords acts.

    • Monica Jacobson

      Chuck, so true. Children seemingly with ease find the Joy in everything, even blizzards.
      We adults struggle so much with being Marthas …”When Martha complains that she’s doing all the work, Jesus says, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:42).” May all of us who tend towards being Marthas, find that childlike Trust and Joy in the Lord! How’s the weather in Texas?

  3. chuck and mila

    Monica and Family, we have had a very mild winter. We only had a couple mornings of frost around the Holidays.
    Typically, when the cold fronts from up north meets the warm Gulf of Mexico air, strong storms develop, that include tornados and hail. Thank the Lord we haven’t had to endure any so far.

    Always so good to see Your Christian Family Life and enjoy the time you take to put it together for us to view.

    • Monica Jacobson

      Thanks Chuck! It’s good to hear you’ve had a mild winter.

      +All for the Glory of God!+

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