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Stations of the Cross✝️

Our Bishop approved Stations of the Cross at St. Clements for the remaining Fridays of Lent.  We had a beautiful gathering of 14 participants with our oldest being able to help out for the first time by carrying the cross.💜

We had a couple hundred feathered friends in our backyard last night. They are so interesting to watch.
Story time is up and running again! It was wonderful to reconnect with all the mothers and catch up. The kids enjoyed the craft and story.
Planting seedlings for the garden!
I joke with the children that our chickens color us Easter eggs. The hens have really picked up in production these last couple of days.


  1. Jen

    So proud of Simon to start ministering in church for stations! Hope we can get out there for Friday stations!

    Looks like your feathered friends are an early welcome to spring for you! ❤️

    • Monica Jacobson

      Thanks Jen, we were proud of him too 😊

  2. chuck and mila

    I heard the other day those honkers were moving north from here in the south,, looks like the news was spot on. Appears nature the Almighty ,,, is getting us ready for spring and Easter.

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