Quote of the Day
“[Jesus’] body was for Him not a limitation, but an instrument, so that He was both in it and in all things, and outside all things, resting in the Father above. At one and the same time—this is the wonder—as man He was a human life, and as Word He was sustaining the life of the universe, and as Son He was in constant union with the Father.”
–St. Athanasius of Alexandria

Today’s Meditation
“See, you’re bought at a great price. We’re told that in Scripture over and over and over. Jesus died for you! And, because He bought you at a great price, you have to understand that you’re never alone. You are very, very special to God. But some of you who don’t understand that think that God doesn’t care. I get that feeling myself sometimes. I’ve said to Our Lord, “Look, don’t You care? Whose side are You on?” I have myself been disheartened. But, in spite of the difficulties within and without, I try to keep my eyes on Jesus and know that Our Lord and Savior loves me, knows me, and has chosen me to be great in His eyes – to be holy, to be saintly, to be compassionate, and to be good.”
—Mother Angelica, p. 44