We enjoyed having Mass at St. Clement’s today!  Life has been full of adventures.  One of these adventures is named Ginger.

On our way to a beautiful morning Mass.
We really appreciate it when there’s a Mass we can walk to 😁
Helping ring the bell.
Our 4 year old brought his own missal without prompting. He’s very organized.
A wonderful, young, priest celebrated Mass.
She’s discovered stair climbing.
Four healthy, lovely, children sleeping soundly, a happy, full days work completed, candlelight, and the end of the sunset. Heaven must be wonderful if it is better than this evening.
Meet Ginger. The men in our family just needed this farm to have a dog. Ginger needed a farm. Simon said, she’s nice, but she’s not Skipper. I said no, she’s not, and she will never be. Skipper had strengths, he was the fastest farm dog I’ve ever seen. He had energy and a work ethic that didn’t quit! Ginger is calmer, a lot slower, but over time, I told him, he’d find strengths in her he liked too.
Ginger is very sweet. Her temperament puts me in mind of Nana on the Walt Disney movie, Peter Pan.