With accumulating snow in the forecast for this week, we gathered all of the tomatoes and peppers from the garden tonight.

Our unripened tomatoes; next spring we’re planning on starting the tomatoes a month earlier. If anybody reading this has friends or they themselves believe that God is dead or doesn’t exist they should come and see what a neglected little garden can produce! Production like that can only come from a good Creator.
He and I are going to miss the garden….he’s my little garden Buddy.
Overflowing box of peppers.
Purple bell peppers.
Red peppers.
Grandma Anh loves peppers, so we shared our pepper crop with her.
Andrew never ceases to amaze me…he took a rooster that Grandpa Russell & Simon butchered and made a tasty chicken pot pie! His pie crust must be as yummy as any award winning crust!
Fun storytime project (caterpillars, butterflies, & birds) and I love seeing Ignatius’ personality blossom. What a process… pregnancy, newborn, infant, toddler, & now shining personality…life is beautiful! Ambrose is now one of the serious big kids…he works hard to do well on the projects.