Here’s some applesauce that Andrew made.
First cantaloupe from the garden.
He likes it.
These future oak trees are from acorns gathered in MN.
The oak saplings are growing in lick tubs (recycled tubs that previously held cattle mineral) and are supposed to be there for the first 5 years. This is their second summer in the tubs. Then after 5 years of growing, we will transplant them and I sure hope they grow into big, beautiful trees. I think it was originally Simon’s idea to gather the acorns.
We had a busy afternoon finishing the applesauce.
Here we are washing them preparing them to be quartered and then we cut out the stems and the calyx.
Boiling the apples.
After the juice is drained, the sieve is used to collect the apple sauce.
Using the above sieve, we collect the juice, before we use the masher.πŸ˜‹
The water bath canner.
Some of the finished product. Andrew is awesome, helping out after a long day of work!
Applecrisp, what a treat on a windy, autumn day!