Some days it’s just real tough to want to go out and take care of the chores. When the wind chill is -60 degrees it seems just easier to roll over and throw on another set of covers. However, a person realizes that to be a good steward one must take care of their livestock. Without a doubt, I am sure looking forward to warm spring days!

I will admit, on the days when I do go out to help (my dad and Andrew do the bulk of it since I have the excuse of having a baby and little ones to take care of), I know I come back in to the warm house with a better attitude, and I am more patient and kind to those around me. The frigid cold makes me realize I should not take for granted the blessings that I’ve been given…ie. good health, a warm house, wonderful friends and family!

The good old girls snarfing down hay and feed. It’s pretty incredible how they eat more than double on these cold days. Mother Nature was sure kind to us to give us an easy start to this winter… Now she appears to be making up for it.