We bought our first load of hay.  The closest we were able to find within our price range, was from our neighbor state to the east.  This is where the “Farming is the riskiest business,” quote comes in to play.  How much hay do we buy?  Do we need to sell cattle?  How many cows do we sell?  Will the skies open and the rains come?  Heavenly guidance is definitely relied upon.  We take it day by day, and week by week.  

The trucker was a very friendly man and the place that is selling is accommodating.  It’s good to hear that somewhere on God’s good earth is getting rain.  Apparently this place will deliver as far as Belfield, North Dakota.  When hay was being delivered there last week, over 20 ranchers stopped and asked where the hay was coming from?   This side of the world (Western, ND) is in desperate need of rain.

“O God, in Whom we live and move and have our being, grant us rain, in due abundance, that, being sufficiently helped with temporal gifts, we may seek with more confidence those that are eternal. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

St. Isidore, Patron Saint of Farmers, Pray for us.

Someday Andrew and I are going to have to invest in a bigger tractor, but for now that little John Deere 5425 does the job!
Grandpa said on the higher bales it felt like asking a boy to do a man’s job, but the little tractor got it done!
We feel blessed to have found some hay and it’s good to have something in the hay fence again.