What a day to remember! Our little girl joined the Body of Christ today, in as the priest said a “historic church” & surrounded by wonderful people!  Let me tell you what, when it comes to work ethic you can’t have a better work crew than Grandpa Bob, Grandma Jen, Great Grandma Arleen, Uncle & Godfather Chris and that Andrew!  Thanks so much for all of your help in preparing the food!  Special shout out to Aunt Anna and her wonderful cake and Nancy for delivering it!  Also, thank you Catherine for being Godmother!  The musicians played beautifully also!  Thank you Mya, Mercedes, Malachi, Micah, and Marty! And thank you for joining them Christi & Lynnette! 

The Musicians!
Grandpa Russell’s head cheese and liver sausage went over very well!
Fun times with Good Neighbors!
Great Grandma Arleen! Mary is so blessed to have her Great Grandma attend her Baptism!
Dedicated Grandparents! They have their hands full!
Godmother Catherine meeting Mary!
She’s Baptized! Thank you Fr. Zwack!
Godfather Chris, Fr. Zwack, Godmother Catherine!
My Godfather, Ted!
Gietzen Grandparents, Mary is the 4th Generation on the Gietzen side to be Baptized in St. Clements. William Nicholas in 1893, William Frederick in 1927, William Russell in 1949 (Baptized in Sacred Heart in Glen Ullin), Monica in 1981, and now her!