We were at 27 degrees on Monday morning and looks to be approximately 35 degrees for Tuesday morning.  The pumpkins, garden produce, and the flowers that did not get covered did not make it.  Andrew covered as much as he could…these early frosts are always a bit disheartening.   

We just read this book, “We are the Gardners” by: Joanna Gaines and Kids
What a timely story! Thank you Sean!
Some of the flowers close to the house made it, some did not…seems so early to have gotten so cold.
These pumpkins didn’t get covered.
Frozen eggplants. 😟
Green tomatoes on frost damaged vines.☹️
We”ll see if the cantaloupe survive.😞
We brought in three gourds, we’ll have to see how the gourds, squash, and pumpkins do.🤞
Another page of the book… Just about sums it up!
We think Mary agrees 💗