Thank goodness for older brothers!  I think I tend toward being an idealist. I like to think things should be done in the correct order in the proper way.   This older brother of mine knows when to put humor into my life to make me more balanced.

Me, big brother, little brother on our good old trusty pony many moons ago.
Happy birthday big brother πŸŽ‚
Heading out to chores on Saturday.
Making mozzerella cheese. Milkcow Matilda gives 6 quarts a day. Wondering if there’s anything this man can’t do.
Working hard!
Andrew used the mozzarella cheese he made on this homemade pizza.
“We need hot chocolate!” They helped fix the barn all day Saturday.
Apple fritter muffins.
Must be the yearlings bedtime, heading back to the barn area.
The barn that was worked on.
A Piano and Harmonica duet.
The shed that is being built.