Adventures in Haymarsh

Hot 🔥

It’s 92 degrees right now and the weather report says 100 tomorrow.  Andrew got a pool for the little ones, the big children are good sports and are having fun in it too…won’t be long before they won’t fit though.  After a morning and early afternoon of mowing the yard, weeding, watering plants, collecting the flags from Memorial Day and tagging calves, the kids are sure enjoying some R &R.

The oak trees from acorns that Andrew and Simon collected from MN a few years ago are alive and growing. Soon we’ll have to transplant them.
Andrew reseeded a part of a field before work this morning. I always knew he’d be outstanding in his field. Here he’s adjusting the rate of the seeder.
This is one of the most beautiful sights for us! Our oldest has been praying for this cow for the last couple weeks. She had a prolapse in March and we had to take her to the vet to get stitched up, we knew we had to watch her close, at 6:30 this morning Andrew and Simon when doing chores noticed that she was starting to labor. So, they roped her and removed the stitches and to our great happiness had a big, healthy, red bull calf.
First day of baseball practice! ⚾


  1. chuck and mila

    Andrew, Monica and Family,,, gosh you are having our down south king of weather, we are getting some much needed rain, hope yours arrives soon..

    • Monica Jacobson

      It is toasty Chuck. We would welcome another round of rain…it’s amazing how the rain we’ve had has made the grass green up and pastures start regrowing!

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