Cookie making crew preparing for all of the Halloween parties πŸŽƒ
Little boy blue come blow your horn 🎢… wait we want those yearlings in the corn.🌽
Good ‘ol Cowboy Don helped me move the herd on Tuesday to their 2nd to last pasture for the year.
In their new pasture with feed up to their chests.
They enjoyed decorating gourds.
Monday’s egg collection crew.
They all had to move up a size or two on their winter outdoor clothing.
They made a snowman at the Jacobson grandparents’ house.
Enjoyed a visit from one of the Greatest!
Andrew brought home a used family minivan last night, we’re looking forward to the roominess on our next long trip.
Our neighbor is replacing a rusted out culvert that leads in to the church yard. God bless him!
Watching as the crew heads out for chores.
Helping me keep the mudroom clean.
An article sent to me by a Fargo friend…old, but still interesting. I’ve seen it from the highway, but haven’t driven up to it.
Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ
Andrew’s homemade pizzas.