Adventures in Haymarsh

Happy 2023!🎉

Grandpa’s been under the weather, thank goodness he is well liked and has the cell numbers of people in high places so when the tire is accidentally torn off due to deep, hard packed, ice block snow, the problem is remedied by the tire man who likes Grandpa. Grandpa is kind. Kindness pays off. Out here we need each other.
Faith, Family, Food, & Fun! Sadly weather changed plans, then illness struck, so not all could attend, but the ones who were able to gather, made memories. Prayers for all those struggling with illness, maybe it’s just me, but this winter/fall seems more challenging than other years.
Andrew’s amazingly delicious prime rib.😋
Bookclub 💖. These book club gals challenge me to deeper knowledge of Christ…God Bless Them!


  1. Sarah cabler

    Awesome family picture I loved seeing everyone in it!

    • Monica Jacobson

      Thank you Sarah! We aren’t able to get together often but when we do it is a blessing. One of my favorite parts of being together is how we check in spiritually with each other. We are blessed to have had parents teach us that we live in a life of spiritual warfare and that every day on this theatre of life there is God, us and the enemy. Our conversations are always deep and we often touch on politics too…we don’t have much time, but we make the most of the time we have. We do this lovingly and as supportive as possible. God bless you my dear friend! Always fond memories of our childhood, summer horse rides and snow fun on your snowmobile!❤️

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