One of our cows that ended up having a calf that passed away ended up getting foot rot over the weekend so we had to treat it this morning. Simon says there are thousands of green strawberries, I think more like hundreds, hopefully Andrew will get a bowl full this year since he didn’t even get one strawberry last year.

Green strawberries!
Watering the newly planted saplings, the potatoes look good.
Watermelons popped up!
The beautiful dianthus continues to bloom.
Super windy and hot today so I thought I’d provide some protection for these.
Chives are quite pretty!
Even more leaves on Mary’s Maple! So exciting!
A really neat four generation picture. Longing for the day when Mary can take a picture with Great Grandma Mary to get a four generation picture on my side. I think Mary looks so much like Andrew. Happy to get this picture taken. Had we been able to take a trip to Vietnam before May, it would have been wonderful to take a picture with Grandpa Tran, my mother, Mary and me… Grandpa Tran and Mary were both on this Earth for about 5 months before he passed to his eternal reward.
Our sweet little girl.