Adventures in Haymarsh

Flowers & Fillies

The ornamental crab apple tree, which I received my first Mother’s Day at the farm, located in our front yard, flowered for the first time!

The aroma of the flowers is divine!
Grandpa’s mare, Babe, had a baby filly, Grandpa is going to name the filly, Midnight.
Simon and I assisted in some rotational grazing with the herd, by moving them into a pasture. Are you able to tell the pasture that they were grazing in from the one that they’re going to be moving into in the future? Let me tell you, this high density grazing, that has been researched since the 1950s, really works! Not many ranchers use it because of the amount of work that goes into it, but golly gee, it’s effective!
My right hand man and I returning a cow that had prolapsed back to the herd, she is on the mend!
The cousins gave the children some books, they were sure a hit with these three, kept them nice and quiet while Simon practiced piano.

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  1. chuck and mila

    Looks like spring has sprung,,,

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